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week 617 ~ hold a finger up to check which

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hold a finger up to check which
way the wind blows it’s too dark out
here to see much hope now when doubt
casts its shadow time’s in the ditch
no one even thinks it’s a glitch
in the system not yet at least
until the gargoyles are released
from crumbling cathedral spires lost
saints resurrected ships storm tossed
and failed rescue efforts have ceased

Written by mairmusic

August 25, 2020 at 9:49 am

week 460 ~ into the impending gloom

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into the impending gloom
as birds fly but do not sing
and all good saints flee the room
into the impending gloom
ghosts exit their twilight tomb
I have nothing left to bring
into the impending gloom
as birds fly but do not sing

Written by mairmusic

August 13, 2017 at 1:51 pm

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week 259 ~ I make a wooden carving of my heart

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me.259I make a wooden carving of my heart
and hang it where some passing saint might take
notice and grant beneficence no part
of me should doubt divine wisdom will make
its broken pieces somehow fit again
how can there be faith that will not falter
fé não costuma faihar for human
dignity’s brave persistence to alter
fate can I join these pilgrims humbly walk
velhas ruas do Rio believing
in second chances a time to unlock
the road ahead and place my offering
on the alter of instinct as I fall
to grace wrapped in the wonder of it all

fé não costuma faihar – faith that will not falter, is written on an exhibit description at the Edson Folk Museum and the words struck me when I saw them this week. They are also the second line in the chorus of Gilberto Gil’s Andar com Fé, (Walking with Faith) a beautiful Bahian MPB song from 1982.

velhas ruas do Rio – old streets of Rio.

Written by mairmusic

September 29, 2013 at 12:04 pm