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week 298 ~ I still see him smoking by the window

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me.298I still see him smoking by the window
making jokes in portugues and laughing
but now the memory is tinged with sorrow
never again will he tighten the string
on a new bandolim waiting to hear
the musical soliloquy that he
has given voice to they still speak no fear
these instruments were made to last and we
are bound up in their songs plucked from the soul
of those we seldom meet who set the stage
writing our music winding the strings whole
lives in these black squiggles sprung from their page
the past breathes life into each note we play
tying our bliss to dreams from yesterday

dedicated to the memory of Manoel Andrade,
Sao Paulo luthier and guitarist extraordinaire,
and to the luthiers and composers who have
helped me and musicians everywhere
to build our musical worlds

Written by mairmusic

June 30, 2014 at 2:31 pm