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week 268 ~ I pull the empty space in around me

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me.268I pull the empty space in around me
and begin to fill it with ideas
sorting choices that only I can see
combining fragments of melody as
I walk along humming today unfolds
exactly as it should set to music
bubbling with possibility that holds
my thoughts far longer than any muse stick
to your guns girl don’t let the naysayers
convince you you’re out of place for you know
that first you have to peel back the layers
of confusion so when instinct yells go
you’re ready simple honest that’s the key
to sing your world into what it should be

Written by mairmusic

December 1, 2013 at 6:04 am

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week 97 ~ like high tide in Tucson

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like high tide in Tucson
instinct trumps geography
and landlocked or long gone
like high tide in Tucson
it’s time to put my shoes on
as autumn reaches back for me
like high tide in Tucson
instinct trumps geography

My rondeau is based on the true tale of a hermit crab, accidentally transported to landlocked Tucson, who maintained his frenetic dance for high tide, a memory embedded too deeply to be lost although rendered pointless by his relocation. Barbara Kingsolver wrote an essay on this and the concept intrigues me as it pertains to habits and schedules imprinted so indelibly they draw us back to what we would leave behind.

Written by mairmusic

August 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm