Celebrating a Year

March 28, 2017

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I work on some new tunes today, without making alot of progress, just starts. The weather continues warm with the occasional downpour. In Rio it’s as if the sky suddenly opens and there is a deluge, then a few minutes later the sun is out again. On the right some of the gorgeous fall flowers blooming on my street. In the evening I go to play at a roda with two of my favorite guitarist– Luiz and Valle. Luiz is on the 6-string (left in the photo) and Valle on 7-string (center), and from years of playing together their parallel lines are effortless. They have moved to a new location, but it’s easy to find. Flautist Ana once again lets me piggyback on her amp, as the new one I brought isn’t working and my old one is still at R’s place. It’s a joyous night of playing. You can see my bandolim on the table as I took a quick break to snap this shot. I miss these informal sessions so much when I am back in the US, making each tune tonight a memory to hold in my heart.

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March 31, 2017 at 11:09 am

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